House by the Lake

Family House

The House on the Lake, while very aware of the rapid and multifaceted changes in contemporary life, argues for an architecture where fire is once again at the very center of our most intimate living environment. The Lake House is then at its most fundamental, a place that connects people spatially and socially through the craft of preparing and cooking food in the ritual of communal eating.

Situated in the flat Frisian landscape the house at first appears as a pair of interconnected cabins. While substantial in program, the house sits modestly in the landscape. The low and fragmented volumes that compose the house allows nature to envelope the site and as time passes, slowly stitches it into its surrounding environment. As a whole, the House offers multiple generations of family, friends and guests spaces of rest and relaxation, while at the same time suggests a place of refuge and individual contemplation.

Team: Studio Nauta, Frederik B. B. Grundtvig

photos by Frank van der Salm
textile design and production by Maen Productions